• Frequent communication that is from school to home and home to school is paramount.

  • We appreciate the cultural differences among our student population and recognize the importance of the various contributions of different customs that create a positive learning climate.

  • We have an appreciation for the significance of different perspectives.

  • Roles are clear, mutual, and supportive.

  • Goals for students are mutually determined; decision making is shared.

  • There are various venues through which parents may participate in their child’s education.

Keeping students safe is our top priority! 

 Thank you in advance for following the school procedures listed below:

  • Once you ring the buzzer you will be asked your name and reason for the visit. 
  • If you are not fully visible we may ask you to position yourself within full view of the camera.
  • The office staff may ask if you have an appointment.  In order to ensure the teacher is available, please make sure you schedule an appointment with your child’s teacher prior to your visit.
  • Upon entry you must proceed to the office and sign in on the visitor log.  You will be given a visitor pass at this point.
  • After your visit is completed you must return to the office to sign out and return the visitor pass.

Volunteers are always welcome! 

If you plan to volunteer at Red House Run Elementary in any way this year, including chaperoning a field trip, you will need to update or complete a volunteer application and attend a mandatory training session.  The application and training must be completed every year. Check the school calendar for upcoming training dates and times.