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Red House Run’s School Profile


Since its opening in 1966, Red House Run Elementary, a National NCLB Blue Ribbon School, has been committed to achievement for all students. The school serves over 560 children in kindergarten through 5th grade. Its reputation, along with its commitment to demonstrating improvement is a testament to its teachers and parents, the heart and soul of the school’s accomplishments. Each and every student, individually nurtured and attended to, is given the support needed to succeed. The intensity of the faculty’s commitment, realized on a daily basis, is visualized as differentiated lessons are taught, assessments are administered and analyzed, and instruction and groupings are revamped to meet the needs of the children. The culture of the school exudes a “can-do” attitude and a willingness to succeed for the good of the child.  

Our Vision and Mission Statement


At Red House Run Elementary, every student, self-directed in nature, is achieving at his or her maximum potential, demonstrating the knowledge, skills, and values required for productive global citizenship.

        We believe, first and foremost, that all children can learn, and are entitled to quality, rigorous instruction in an environment which is safe and nurturing.  We believe that educating our students is the responsibility of the family, school, and community.  Therefore, all stakeholders must maximize opportunities and resources to ensure student success.   


        We foresee a school community, which provides each student with the necessary skills to confidently meet a diverse and ever-changing world, ensuring college and career readiness.  We envision a school community where each student has a positive sense of self and respect for others.  We envision a school community engulfed in high expectations, which encourages each student to believe they can achieve, and positively impact and contribute to the world around them. 

Red House Run’s Student Code of Conduct


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Upcoming Events
   Maryland Day
   Mar 25 2017
   Third Marking Period Ends - Elementary and Middle School Schools Close 3 Hours Early for Students - Grade Reporting and Data Analysis** - Teachers on Duty; High Schools in Session Full Day
   Mar 31 2017
   Easter Holiday/Spring Break begins at the end of the day
   Apr 07 2017
   Easter Holiday/Spring Break
   Apr 10 2017
   Schools Reopen
   Apr 18 2017
   Distribution of Report Cards
   Apr 20 2017
   Pre-K and Kindergarten Conference Day - No Preschool-3, Pre-K, or Kindergarten Sessions; Teachers on Duty
   May 08 2017
   Pre-K Conference Day - No Preschool-3 or Pre-K sessions; Teachers on Duty
   May 09 2017
   Memorial Day Observed - Schools and Offices Closed
   May 29 2017
   Flag Day
   Jun 14 2017
   Assessment Day*** - Grade Reporting and Data Analysis - Elementary, Middle, and High Schools in Session Full Day - Last Day of Classes for Preschool-3 and Pre-K
   Jun 15 2017
   Assessment Day*** - Elementary and Middle Schools Close 3 Hours Early for Students - High Schools in Session Full Day - Grade Reporting and Data Analysis** - Teachers on Duty;
   Jun 16 2017
   Assessment Day*** - Last Day of Classes; Elementary and Middle Schools Close 3 Hours Early for Students - High Schools in Session Full Day - Grade Reporting and Data Analysis** - Teachers on Duty
   Jun 19 2017
   Summer School Teachers on Duty (Teachers choose June 29 or June 30)
   Jun 29 2017
   Independence Day
   Jul 04 2017